4 Ultimate National Park Road Trips – [Infographic]

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

It’s summer time! You know what that means. It’s time for a road trip to destinations far and wide! But where to go? And what to see along the way? Here’s a superb road trip idea for you. Go on a U.S. National Parks road trip! Not only are the national parks amazing displays of beauty, places of incredible adventures, and sites of fascinating history and archeology, they

My 12 Essential Travel Apps Perfect For Summer Road Trips

RoadTrippers App

Summer has finally arrived! You know what that means … it’s time for a good old fashioned road trip. Like many summer travelers, we too will be hitting the open road. Our destination? A 1400 mile national park adventure through Colorado and Utah. But more on that later. Today is all about the travel apps I consider essential for our upcoming road trip. You too may want

6 Family Friendly Adventures In Western North Dakota

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The Wild West. The Badlands. Dinosaurs. National Parks. Entertaining musicals. Outdoor adventures. History lessons brought to life. Great family fun. All describe what awaits travelers to western North Dakota, and the tiny town of Medora. Medora has all the makings of a wonderful family vacation. Or as was the case for us, a multi-day stopover destination on a summer family road trip through western United

Digging For Dinosaurs in Medora North Dakota – Your Next Family Adventure?

Fossil Dig Sites in North Dakota

Are your kids fascinated with dinosaurs, or finding fossils? Are you looking for a fun activity the whole family can enjoy? Something unique, something that’s different than the more classic vacation adventures? Then take them on a fossil dig! That’s exactly what we did, one summer day while road tripping through North Dakota. Our destination? A fossil dig site just outside Medora, deep in the North Dakota

Makoshika State Park – On The Hunt for Dinosaur Fossils & Geocache Adventures

Makoshika State Park Montana

Today’s adventure takes us into the lands of prehistoric dinosaurs, past strangely beautiful rock formations, along trails filled with incredible scenery, dinosaurs remains and an outdoor adventure sure to please the whole family. So where is today’s adventure taking us? To Makoshika State Park, near Glendive Montana, along the Montana Dinosaur Trail. Makoshika is a Lakota phrase meaning “The Land of Bad Spirits” but there’s nothing bad about

Spring Has Sprung At Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania!

Flowers of Longwood Garden

Spring. My favorite time of year, when drab winter landscapes are replaced with fresh green foliage and colorful flowers. And nothing says “Spring is here” quite like a walk through a botanical garden bursting forth with a plethora of spring flowers! One of my favorite botanical gardens is Longwood Gardens, in southeastern Pennsylvania. It’s where I found myself one recent spring morning, camera in hand, poised to

Exploring Ancient Rock Art at Legend Rock State Historic Site, Wyoming

Legend Rock Petroglyphs

Are you searching for a unique, one of a kind experience that the whole family will enjoy? Do you enjoy learning about ancient cultures? Prefer explorations off the beaten path, where the biggest crowd might be a herd of horses munching grass in a distant field? Then come along with us to Legend Rock State Historic Site, near Themopolis, Wyoming. Here you will find a world

15 Fantastic Floral Card Inspirations For Mother’s Day Or Any Day!

Tulip with Morning Dew

Spring has finally sprung, and along with it, a bountiful bouquet of blossoming flowers. Warm weather and fields burgeoning with colorful hues of red, pink, purple and yellow, are the perfect excuse for a morning stroll, camera in hand. Thus was my own destiny on a recent warm spring morning, on a mission to capture the essence of a beautiful spring day. My destination? Longwood Gardens,

A Day At ZooMontana & Botanical Gardens

Red Pandas

With over 70 acres, ZooMontana is home to both native and not-so-native wildlife, as well as quite a few lovely floral displays. Come along with me on a pictorial journey through this quaint regional zoo where you’ll meet several of it’s more popular residents, and enjoy bright and colorful displays of Mother Nature. Meet Zoo Montana’s Adorable Red Pandas Though small in size, ZooMontana and Botanical

My Top 9 Reasons Yellowstone National Park Is A Must See for Everyone

Bighorn Sheep Lamar Valley

Yellowstone National Park is a cornerstone of the United States National Park System, and one of the most impressive natural wonders in the world. The sheer expanse of biodiversity makes Yellowstone a nature lover’s paradise, and one that’s on many travel bucket lists. There’s a reason for that! Make that nine reasons why Yellowstone National Park is a “must-see” destination. With over 500 geysers, incredible wildlife spotting opportunities,