Talkeetna, Denali and Mount McKinley – A Flight Seeing Adventure of Glacial Proportions!

McKinley Flight Tours

Snowy Glacial Adventures in Alaska – Part 1 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Did you know that Alaska is one of a very short list of destinations in the world where you can actually land on a glacier? Where you can walk across a vast field of glacial snow, perhaps even make a snow angel or two, or throw [Read On]

Seven Awe-Inspiring Ideas to Celebrate National Park Week

Glacier National Park

Did you know that nearly every person in the United States is less than 100 miles from a designated U.S. national park, monument, shoreline, trail or historical site? And did you also know that in celebration of these national treasures, the National Park Foundation and the National Park Service have teamed up to offer free [Read On]

Your Flight’s Been Cancelled – Now What?! – Ten Tips For Trouble Free Travel


Part 3 of the Top Tips For Trouble Free Travel Series ———————————————————————————–——————— You hope it won’t happen to you. But what if it does? Do you know what to do if your next flight is cancelled? If you don’t, you should! In today’s oft over-crowded flights, it’s those who act fast that score the precious few available [Read On]

Exploring Mayan Masterpieces – Belize Family Travel Series

El Castillo Xunatunich

This is #6 in the Belize Family Vacation Travel Series ——————————————————————————— The time had come. Our biggest adventure yet was about to begin. The crown jewel of our week in Belize, and an adventure we still talk about today. We were about to embark upon an adventure that would find us up close and personal [Read On]

Score More Savings With Vouchercloud

Vouchercloud Coupons

Are you always on the hunt for a better deal, or a money saving coupon for that next purchase? Perhaps you are planning a night on the town, or a family vacation and hope to score discounted tickets or a hotel for less. How do you find those coupons and deals? Do you use coupon [Read On]

An Adventure Through Ancient Mayan Lands – Belize Family Travel Series

Sittee River in Belize

This is #5 in the Belize Family Vacation Travel Series ———————————————————————— What’s next on this Belize vacation? Mayan artifacts, horseback riding through lands once home to an ancient Mayan civilization, and a relaxing respite along a river deep in the jungles of Belize. No experience required for this fun time. Just a sense of adventure, [Read On]

Navigating Through Airport Security – Twelve Tips For Trouble Free Travel

Traveling with kids

Part 2 of the Top Tips For Trouble Free Travel Series ———————————————————————— Finally! Your travel day is here. Time to load up the bags and get to the airport. But before you go, have you best prepared yourself to run the airport security gauntlet? One of the more stressful parts of air travel is navigating the sometimes daunting, [Read On]

Hiking The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary – Belize Family Vacation Travel Series

Belize Nature

This is #4 in the Belize Family Vacation Travel Series —————————————————————— Oh so much fun we had in Belize! Come along for another day of adventure as we explore the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, the world’s first jaguar preserve. It’s just the place to explore a jungle, to swim in solitude beneath a refeshingly cool [Read On]

Before You Board That Next Flight – Fifteen Tips For Trouble Free Travel

Review Air Travel Documents

Part 1 of the Top Tips For Trouble Free Travel Series ———————————————————————— Does your next vacation include traveling by airplane? Whether you are flying across the country or across the world, air travel can be stressful. Airport security check points, flight delays, weather issues, the crowds, navigating unfamiliar airports. It’s enough to stress even seasoned travelers. I’ll admit it. [Read On]

Buying A New Camera – Ten Tips From An Amateur Photographer


You know me as a travel blogger. A sales and deals blogger. A lifestyles blogger. One thing you might not know about me (though you may already suspect) is I also fashion myself a hobbyist (enthusiast) photographer. I am not a professionally trained photographer, but I love taking photos, documenting my family as we travel [Read On]