Please Retail-Me-Not!

Retail Me What?       Retail-Me-Not!

Do you hate paying retail for anything? But what are you to do when the item you want is not on sale? And you don’t have a manufacturer’s coupon? Search on-line for possible coupon codes! How do you do that?

Retail-Me-Not to the rescue!

What is Retail-Me-Not?

It is one of several coupon search websites offering you a very real opportunity for additional savings off your purchases. I frequent the Retail-Me-Not website several times a week checking for coupons I can use at my favorite on-line shopping sites as well as for local coupons that I can use in my brick-and-mortar shopping.

What specific coupons are at Retail-Me-Not?

LOTS! At current posting, Retail-Me-Not gather coupons for 130,000 different retailers. The odds are, you will find your favorite on-line store here. So why not try it out? You’ve got nothing to loose, and savings to gain, from joining the Retail-Me-Not family.

Navigating the Retail Me Not Website

Let’s get started using Retail-Me-Not and get you on the road to greater savings. First, load the Retail-Me-Not home page:

Link to Retail-Me-Not

Then decide what store you want to search for. There are two main ways I use Retail-Me-Not:

  • Specific store coupon searching: whether on-line or a local brick-and-mortar store, I use the Retail-Me-Not website to find coupons for my pending purchase.
  • Surprise me: by browsing the website for who might be offering special deals right now. The front page’s “TODAY’S TOP DEALS” postings is a great place to start.

Now let’s go find a coupon! Retail-Me-Not offers three coupon search categories:

  1. Coupon Codes. These are coupons you “clip and paste”  into an on-line store’s check-out screen, before you check out.
  2. Printable Coupons. These coupons are exactly that … printable … so you may take them to your local stores.
  3. Grocery Coupons. A variety of grocery coupons, again, printable for use at a local retailer.

How do you find coupons on Retail-Me-Not? 

Lets say you want to purchase a jacket from Lands End. Type Lands’ End into the search space in the upper right corner of the main page. This will give you a list of “Lands’ End” options. Click on the Lands’ End icon, and off you go to a page of coupon offerings for Lands’ End. In this particular search, I came up with a 25% off everything coupon as well as a one-day sale of $16.50 for Polos, and free shipping!

Now all you need to do is click the coupon that applies to you. If it is an on-line coupon, you will be re-directed to the website, and the coupon code is usually “found” already placed into the on-line check-out basket for you. Now shop away! How great is that! Your $100 Lands End jacket just dropped to $75, and free shipping too!

Purchasing With A Retail-Me-Not Coupon Code

How do you complete your online purchase with a Retail-Me-Not coupon code? Somewhere in the check out process, you should see a “coupon code” space. If your Retail-Me-Not coupon code is valid, it should be listed in this space.

A few more tips on Coupon Codes:

  • Retail-Me-Not splits it coupons into two groups: Active, and Unreliable. This is your gauge as to how likely you too will be successful with this particular code. You will typically use the Active coupons.
  • Using Unreliable coupons: My mantra, though, is even if the code is a low percentage of success, I might still try it. Although rare, I have had success on a coupon code that reported less than 50% success rate.
  • In most cases, the Active coupon code link works. However, I also copy the coupon code, just in case it doesn’t load in the website. This way I can add the code myself.
  • Sometimes the codes do not work. This could be because the code is expired. Try it again. If it doesn’t work, then dump it and try another code, if available.
  • Sometimes more than one code is available. Why not try both! Some sites will let you “double dip” your coupons, adding even more to your savings.
  • And if you do find a code that does not work, consider helping everyone, including the people at Retail-Me-Not, and report your success (or lack of) rate.

Last but not least: if you find a coupon you like, SHARE it with a friend through the easy “Share the love” link.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Retail-Me-Not newsletter and be ready to receive coupon offers right to your e-mail!

So tell me, how do you use Retail-Me-Not?


  1. Great can’t wait to try it out

  2. Carolyn Nicander MohrTwitter: wonderoftech says:

    Hi Carol, This is great information! I knew about Retail Me Not, but I never tried the Unreliable coupons. I just figured they wouldn’t work. I should try them even if the success percentage is low. Why not take a few extra seconds to get a good deal?

    Thanks for being the Shopping Guru and spreading your wisdom with the world!


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