Is AirfareWatchdog Your Low Airfare Dealhound?

High airfares keeping you grounded? What if you could have someone search every day on your behalf for best priced airline tickets? Sounds like an air traveler’s dream doesn’t it. With AirfareWatchdog, it’s no dream!

What is Airfare Watchdog?

AirfareWatchdog is a free website dedicated to finding air travelers the lowest airfare. Let the Watchdog dealhounds sniff out the lowest airfare for your next flight and save yourself both time and money. Nice!

 on other sites.

Don’t just take my word on it. Read “About Our Fares” and learn why AirfareWatchdog considers itself the premiere low airfare finder on the Internet. These twelve reasons might just make the Watchdog dealhounds your “premiere” low airfare search engine too!

Is AirfareWatchdog Easy To Use?

Absolutely! All you need to do is input your departure and arrival cities, then click “Find Fares.” That’s it. You have released the dealhounds, who are now hard at work sniffing out the best airfares for your route.

Seconds after the dealhounds are released, up pops the most current low prices for your specified route, along with specific booking details. Like what you see? You now have the knowledge to find and book that low priced airline ticket.

Don’t miss out on low airfare!

You don’t have to register with AirfareWatchdog to use it’s low airfare search engine. That’s available to anyone. You  might want to consider registering, though. Why? Because AirfareWatchdog can do so much more than simply provide results for low airfare queries. For example, you won’t receive Fare Alerts sent to your e-mail unless you are registered with AirfareWatchdog. Registering is easy, and it’s free. All you need is an e-mail address. Once registered, you are set to get the low-down on low airfare, including Fare Alerts sent directly to you.

What Are AirFare Watchdog Fare Alerts? 

Fare Alerts are probably the most helpful of all the Watchdog features. They are the ability to set up airfare alert queries. Once set up, the dealhounds sniff out the deals for these specific queries, then AirfareWatchdog sends you an e-mail alert when a deal is located. Here’s examples of each type of Fare Alert and how you can use it.

1. City-to-City Fare Alerts – Have a specific destination in mind? City-to-City Alerts e-mails you route-specific alerts for round trip airfare deals between your two chosen cities. What’s cool about this feature is you can set up several destination queries. For example – if you can depart or arrive at more than one airport, track airfare for each one! You might just find that driving a 100 miles to another airport can save you $100’s of dollars.

Here’s an example of a search for somebody who lives in Philadelphia, whose trip interests include travel to Anchorage, Alaska, and Lima Peru. Two other major airports are within 100 miles of Philadelphia, his departure airport – Newark, NJ and Baltimore, MD. By setting up City-to-City Fare Alerts for all three departure airports, this traveler has now extended his options for sniffing out the best airfare price. And, he also has airfare being tracked for two different trip destinations, maximizing his potential of finding a lower airfare.

2. Anywhere That’s Cheap Alerts – It’s exactly as it says – receive the cheapest round trip airfare Alerts based upon your local city or cities. Add your cities, even cities of friends and family who want to travel. Help them find those low fares too!

3. Meet Me in St. Louis – Have a family reunion with people flying to one destination from different airports? Set up a “meet me here” Alert for each airport your group might be traveling to. Note – this is also a very handy comparison tool if you have the opportunity to fly out of different airports. Add several airports to help the dealhounds sniff out the best pricing.

4. AirfareWatchdog Updates – Sign up to receive Updates and the Watchdog will occasionally send you money saving ideas. Be on the inside scoop of some great deals.

Hmmm – Where shall I travel to next?

Just curious about prices or simply want to see what’s out there for low airfare? Are you flexible with your travel destination? AirfareWatchdog also posts low airfare deals in several other convenient categories that are a flexible traveler’s treasure trove.

  • Fares From a City – Check out the low airfare the dealhounds have found for 1000’s of departure airports, including your own.
  • Fares To a City – Have a specific destination in mind? Browse the latest low cost flights and get there for less. Maybe your airport has a deal to that city!
  • Top 50 Fares – Have flexibility? The Watchdog posts the day’s lowest priced airfare deals. Let the “Dog’s “Top 50″ choose a destination for you.

Maximize Your AirfareWatchdog Deals 

Thinking about a summer vacation? Not sure where to start? Airfare prices keeping you grounded? Let AirfareWatchdog help. Here are a few tips to have the dealhounds working hard to find you low airfare.

  • Sign up for Deal Alerts.
  • Create a travel “wish list” and add these cities to your Deal Alerts profile. Then receive Deal Alerts for your wish list. Maybe you will get there sooner than planned.
  • Consider alternate airports for departures and arrivals.
  • Monitor a particular destination’s air prices to pinpoint the best time to go.
  • Be flexible and you might just score a low flight deal found in Fares From a City or Anywhere That’s Cheap.
  • Sign up to receive Updates and take advantage of these traveler specials.

AirfareWatchdog may not be the prettiest nor the flashiest low airfare search engine out there, but it definitely should be included in your travel tool box. With the price of air travel these days, who couldn’t use a watchdog on their side!

Is AirfareWatchdog sniffing out low airfare deals for you? Have you released the dealhounds to find your own low airfare? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below.



  1. says

    Wow, Carol, What a great site! I thought for sure they would charge a fee for this. Hard to believe it’s free with such an amazing service. I looove free and I know you do too, Carol. This is just what I have been looking for!

    Thanks so much for yet again providing us with another resource for the best deals!
    Carolyn Nicander Mohr recently posted..Poll: What’s the Map for You?My Profile

    • carolbiederman says

      Thanks Carolyn, glad you found this site useful. I’ve been using them for at least the past two years, and I have been able to find flights that I might have otherwise overlooked. I like to use them for the “I just don’t know where to go” times. I’ve been tipped off to some pretty good fares this way.

  2. says

    Wow Carol,

    That’s a really cool site and I agree with Carolyn, I can’t believe it’s free. I will definitely be bookmarking this one to come back to. Looks like I’ll be going to Nashville next month so I need to start searching for me the best fare now.

    I came here at just the right time. Thanks so much!

    Adrienne recently posted..When Life Gets In The WayMy Profile

    • carolbiederman says

      Hi Adrienne, thanks for stopping by! Glad I could provide you some insight on a very handy travel tool. I’ve been using Airfarewatchdog for over a year now, tracking several different “bucket list” trips. Scored tix to Alaska last October off a tip of a drop in price. They were less than airfare to Utah! Good luck, I hope you find some decent airfare to Nashville. Prices are running high for air, but still deals are out there. Carol

  3. says

    Hi Carol,

    How glad I am to have found your blog through Adrienne.

    This really sound great. Wow, I’ve got to remember it the next time I’m looking for flights.

    Thank for these great tips.

    • carolbiederman says

      Hi Sylvianne, and thanks for stopping by. So glad I can help – also check out my post on Hipmunk from last week. You might also find them useful for pinpointing lower airfare. But I really like the ability to put in my location requests with AirfareWatchdog and let them “hunt” for me! Happy travels, and thanks again for jumping over here from Adrienne. She’s wonderful, isn’t she!

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