Happy Hawaiian Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day in Hawaii. What a way to start the day – 85 degree weather, an early morning dip in the ocean and sand between your toes. Then there’s the hiking along lush tropical trails and drives along winding coastal roads. Top it all off with a Hawaiian Thanksgiving feast, the setting sun in it’s full glory the back drop.

The sun, the ocean, the sand, palm trees swaying in the wind, surrounded by amazing vistas – sounds like a dream Thanksgiving, right?

I’m Dreaming of A Hawaiian Thanksgiving

Sadly, no, I’m not in Hawaii right now. But I am dreaming  of it! Why Hawaii, you might ask? Because that’s where we spent Thanksgiving just one year ago. So come along with me. Let’s dream together as I reminisce of a Thanksgiving Day gone by.

Waking up along the Waihee Ridge Trail

Rise and shine early! We’ve got an adventure-packed Thanksgiving day ahead of us. First up? An early morning hike along the winding Waihee Ridge Trail, all the way to the top. A great way to get the body primed and ready for that Thanksgiving turkey!

Waihee Hawaii

Boots tied. Walking sticks in hand. Let’s hit the trail. Meander along the rough and rocky path through a dense forest, lush and green. Take it all in as the trail climbs ever higher.

Hike Mauie

Watch out for those steep cliffs as the tropical trail gives way to even more lush greenery. And as the old saying goes, take time to enjoy the views! Because the views here are spectacular, even on a somewhat hazy morning.

Hike Waihee Trail

Keep climbing, higher and higher. High enough that a passing helicopter appears at eye level. For real! Be sure to wave to the sightseers in the helicopter as they fly by.

Waihee Ridge

At last, arrive at the summit. Gaze upon the 360 degree vistas. Was it worth it? I’ll bet you would say it was! Look closely. Just off in the distance is Molokai. You’ll have to take my word on that – it was too hazy for a decent photo op.

Discover Roads Less Traveled

Wailee Ridge hike completed, yet the day is still young, and the turkey’s not yet cooked. Let’s continue this Hawaiian Thanksgiving Day journey with a drive along impossibly narrow coastal roads in search of Maui’s rugged northern shorelines.

Maui Drives

Explore the road side scenery between Waiehu and Lahaina. Wind up, down, around and through some of the most spectacular vistas along this rugged part of Maui.


Don’t forget to get out of the car and explore on foot. Meander down road side trails to a white sandy beach, hop across ocean weathered rocks, take a refreshing dip in the water. Get drenched by an ocean-side blow hole, spewing water high in the air.

Art Galleries Maui Maui Foods

All that work make you hungry? Take a break at the roadside art gallery and snack upon yummy chocolate covered bananas. Don’t eat too much though! Need to save room for that Hawaiian Thanksgiving buffet.

Feast Upon a Hawaiian Thanksgiving Meal

Snack finished. Dramatic scenic drive completed, and back at the hotel. You know what time it is? That’s right! It’s turkey time! Yum. Can’t you just smell that turkey roasting?

Wailea Hawaii

Ok, just one more ocean-side adventure before dinner. Gotta hit the waves and work up an even bigger appetite! That food just smells sooo good.

Hawaii Thanksgiving

All cleaned up and ready to eat. So settle on in for a yummy Hawaiian Thanksgiving feast as the sun sets just beyond the railing of the ocean-side venue.

Birds of Hawaii

Maybe share a morsel with a friendly tropical bird perched upon the nearby chair.


Top it off with a delish dessert, and a post-dinner ocean side walk, with a backdrop of clouds on fire from the setting sun. Now wasn’t that a great Thanksgiving Day?

From Me To You – Happy Hawaiian Thanksgiving!

Yes, it was a splendidly gorgeous Thanksgiving Day on the enchanting Hawaiian island of Maui. But what did I truly treasure the most about our Hawaiian Thanksgiving?

That it was spent with my family! Because for me, that’s what Thanksgiving is all about. Oh, and the gorgeous sunset!

Hawaii sunset

So whether it’s beachside in Hawaii or in a cramped kitchen in Pennsylvania, my favorite thing about Thanksgiving is spending it with family and friends.

So from me to you, my family and friends – Happy Thanksgiving!

How will you spend your Thanksgiving Day? Do you have a Thanksgiving tradition that you treasure?

Hope you enjoy this slide show of our family Hawaiian Thanksgiving!

All images from C.Biederman


    • carolbiederman says

      Hi Carolyn, thanks! Glad you enjoyed the photos. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We sure did … and now it’s back to work!

    • carolbiederman says

      Hi Corinne,
      Color me just a tad envious! We’ve been to Hawaii 3x – twice to Kauai and once to Maui, and loved it. Especially Kauai. But alas, from the East Coast, it’s a long long trip so I doubt I will be back again for another five years.

      And yes, we were at the Marriott in Wailea. Great location, not as crowded as some of the other areas.

      Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your Hawaiian sunsets!

    • carolbiederman says

      Hi Corina, Thanks! Loved Hawaii, but you’d have to get on an airplane to get there. lol

      Yes, it was quite nippy here too for Thanksgiving, so it was nice to revisit a warmer time. Hope you had a great break!

    • carolbiederman says

      Hi Sicorra, yes, Hawaii in cold weather was quite nice! Hope you make it there one day. My favorite island is actually Kauai – been there twice.

      Happy first week of December!

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